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Why choose MTNBEX?

Why choose MTNBEX?

Nowadays, you may see more and more people riding electric bicycles around you. They happily commute to work, go hunting and have coffee with their friends. Maybe you're one of them. However, what many people don't see is what these e-bikes can do for you.

This is the beginning of real fun. Think about going beyond the sidewalk to beach cruises, mountain biking, hunting and other two wheeled adventures. Our electric bikes are as interesting as those on the streets of any city or suburb. They are also easy to ride in the inaccessible mountains, perhaps even more so. The key is to know which e-bikes can meet the challenges you want to face.

“Do these tires make my electric bike look fat?”

For this type of off-road adventure, there are many rumors about "fat tire" electric bikes, which are a good choice for some riders. However, before you buy an electric bike, it's important to have some trade-offs brought about by the extra waistline.

The tires, with a width of 4.25 inches, were originally developed for riding on snow and later on sand and mountains. The larger surface area of the tire provides greater traction for these very loose surfaces, which is very good to some extent.

Choose an electric bicycle

At mtnbex, our goal is to use the right size of tires on our bicycles to provide appropriate traction, cushioning and stability for the terrain you will drive, while minimizing weight and rolling resistance. For example, if you want an electric bicycle that can handle mountain roads, gravel, soil, sand, etc., our rechargeable egoat electric bicycle is one of them.
When the rubber meets the road or off-road (depending on the situation), we use the tire of Thailand Vee brand, which is characterized by large, strong grip and good comfort. It can help you explore at any time. But they are fatter than fat.
Compared with traditional tires, they can better contact the road surface, provide greater traction, higher stability, better handling and smoother driving. However, because the tires are not too fat, the bike is still light and flexible.

Use a fat electric bicycle to finish the whole journey

How far can our heavy tires take you? Removable (but lockable), waterproof, rechargeable battery for 60 miles on a single charge. There are many factors that affect the exact mileage you can drive, such as the weather, how many pedals you use and where you ride, but generally speaking, you can record nearly 60 miles.

You can ride an electric bicycle to a mountain top and then take a mountain bike style path. Ride a bike to the beach and slap the beach at your feet, because your electric bike is like a beach cruiser. Go hunting, track prey, take home for dinner. A standard rear bracket allows you to tie food, drinks, equipment and other items you need to increase your fun.

You will always enjoy the benefits of fresh air and exercise outside, rather than being trapped in a gas guzzling car. Research shows that although the level of physical strength required to ride an electric bicycle may be different from that of a pure pedal bicycle, riding an electric bicycle has significant health benefits.
Other studies have shown that riding an electric bicycle requires almost as much physical exertion as a traditional bicycle. Although these data are not conclusive yet, it can be concluded that among all your adventures, riding an electric bicycle is more interesting.
Let's go for a ride~
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